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    Post  babysanji on 4/9/2009, 08:15

    The LOWEST INVESTMENT and LOAD CREDIT Requirement, SMARTLOAD WALLET DEALERSHIP at 2.5% discount rate with FREE ACTIVATION as Smartload Wallet Virtual Dealer of any existing SMART SIM, it may be a Personal or a Retailer SIM….BEST OFFER. You may also have a chance to get 3% Discount Rate

    To all SMARTLOAD Retailers Nationwide, why should you load your SMART Retailer SIM to other Dealers when you can load it with your own as SMARTLOAD Wallet Dealer and earned more profit on your SMARTLOAD Retailing business?

    To all Students, Professionals, Retirees, housewife, Part time and full time employess with your PHP1000.00 may NEGOSYO ka na as SMARTLOAD WALLET Dealer.

    This is NOT One Sim Load All Network, This is a Virtual way of selling Load wallet to Traditional SMARTLOAD Retailers Nationwide. No QUOTA, No Cashbond, Not a Networking, No hidden charges and No Investment of a Dealer SIM.

    Can Load All SMART existing Retailer SIM Nationwide
    Activated Dealers Can Create Unlimited Subdealers and subdealers can also create their own.
    Can transact using their activated SIM using SMS command. No online Account or transaction using PC.
    Activated Dealers will earn 2.5% to 3% maximum
    No activation fee..No quota. No Cash bond Requirement.
    Activated Dealers can also be a Smartload Retailers.
    Minimum amount of Load Wallet can be sold to retailers is PHP100.
    Mode of Payment Smartmoney

    Activation Requirement:

    1. Personalized SMARTMONEY ACCOUNT

    2. SMART SIM Personal or Retailer


    LOAD CREDIT: P1,000.00 (Consumable can be sold as Load Wallet

    to Smartload Traditional Retailers or

    Transfer as Load Credit to Subdealers)




    As a Smartload Virtual Dealer, If you can sell Load wallet to five (5) Smartload Traditional Retailers at P500 per Retailer per day

    P500.00 x 5 Retailers = P2,500.00 Average Load Wallet loading per day

    P2,500.00 x 4% Load wallet Discount = P100.00 Income on Load Wallet

    Loading per day

    As a Smartload Virtual Dealer you can also be a Smart Eload Traditional Retailer. You will earn at least 11.66% profit as Smart Eload Retailer plus 2.5% Discount on Load Wallet as Load WalletVirtual Dealer, Loading Load Wallet to your Own Retailing SIM. Total profit on retailing Eload is 15.66%. If you can retail P500 of Eload per day,

    P500 x 15.66% (11.66% Retailing profit plus 4% Virtual Dealership Discount)

    = P78.30 Income on Retailing SMART Eload per Day.

    As a Smart Load Wallet Virtual Dealer you can also create unlimited subdealers. You will earn an overriding income on each subdealers you have created. If you are giving 3% discount to your created subdealers, your overriding income from each subdealers you have created is 1%. As a Virtual Dealer, If you can Load 3 subdealers per day at P1000 each subdealers,

    P1,000.00 x 1% x 3 subdealers = P30.00 Overriding Income per day


    P100.00-Income on Load Wallet

    78.30-Income on Retailing SMART Eload

    30.00 -Overriding income from subdealers



    The above com---tion and assumption is only hypothetical and also assumed that the Initial Investment of P960.00 is revolved six (6) times Daily. The assumption and com---tion above does not mean as your Daily income, it may be more or lesser, depending on investment, performance of individual and the location of your business.

    for details:

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