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    Post  alphaomega on 3/16/2009, 17:53

    I have registered but when I tried to log in the it says username already taken but I cant login.
    Please check your email, you have to confirm your registration on the email that we will send you after your registration.

    How can I post pictures?
    Click the Image insert button and add your photo link, you can not add a photo from your desktop, you have to upload your photos to an image server first, like Photobucket.com and so many other image host's.
    Then you will be given a link to use in posting the photos. for more detailed instruction pls. pm the moderators.

    How long before I received a registration email?
    Usually it takes only a matter of seconds, minute the most. Modify Delete

    How do I earn points?
    You earn points by your contribution to the site, invite friends be active in the forums ,being active in the chat earn points.

    Where do I use the points?

    You can use the points in having your ads featured, having your ads on the first page, having your ads emailed to all members, have the opportunity to use our email software.(ability to send 500,000 emails/ day)


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